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Container Ramps

Container Ramps Perth WA- Buy or Hire. HS Sales supply container ramps in a range of capacities and sizes to suit all forklift and access requirements. We also custom make container ramps to suit your needs.

HS Sales are also the West Australian distributor for Cascade. Click here to visit the Cascade Australia website.

HSCR Container Ramp

  • Handling Systems Australia container access entry ramps come in a range of capacities to suit all forklift size requirements.
  • These container ramps include safety locking chains and fork access points for safe and easy use.

HSCR6 – Container ramp 2000mm 6t

HSCR6-2250 – Container ramp 2250mm 6t

HSCR6-W – Container ramp Extra Wide  6t

HSCR10 – Container ramp 10T

HSCREX Extended Length Container Ramp

  • Handling Systems Australia offer a full range of extended length container access ramps.
  • These ramps are used in applications where forklifts are required to enter containers in a level plane.  
  • The EX range includes side safety frames and locking chains.
  • Fork pockets located in the side of the ramp provides easy movement and positioning of the ramp.

HSCRFL Folding Lip Container Ramp

  • Handling Systems Australia folding lip container access entry ramps are available in capacities in capacities from 6000kgs to 8000kgs.
  • The folding lip ramp can be used for loading from a raised dock.
  • This container ramp is self-levelling. This is the container ramp you need if you are loading on uneven ground. 

Special Application Container Ramp

  • Special application access ramps.
  • Handling Systems Australia can design and manufacture special access ramps to suit all applications.
  • We have catered for special access requirements where both pedestrian and vehicle access has been required into containers, buildings and raised working areas.

HSCRTL Trailer Level Container Ramp

  • Handling Systems Australia can design and manufacture special access ramps to suit your application.
  • Should you need to access trailers or containers at trailer level, or need to unload mobile machinery from trailer height, we will have a solution to suit your needs.