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HS Sales manufacture our own range of fork positioners. We are also the West Australian distributor for Cascade. Our fork positioners come in a range of capacities and sizes, and can be custom made to suit your requirements. Fork positioners are also referred to as tyne shifters and tyne positoners.

Manitou Hitch with HSRD 516.JPG
HSRD 516 with Q-Fit Hitch
HSRD 516 with QH and JCB Hold Down.png

LBFP Load Back Rest Fork Positioners

The Handling Systems LBFP is an excellent solution for hire fleets or forklifts that come with factory integral sideshifts. The LBFP provides a robust solution for hydraulic fork positioning in a compact package. Simply replacing the forklifts standard load back rest this product provides excellent performance with minimum impact to truck capacity

  • No lost load- minimal truck deration.

  • Suits ITA fork carriages, quick hitches and sideshifts.

  • Parts and servicing available in WA - reducing down time.

  • Fast turn around time on manufacture.

  • Pick up locally in Welshpool

  • Option to incorporate hold downs, hitches or sideshift.

  • HSRD 516


HSFP Heavy Duty Fork Positioner

The Handling Systems HSFP series is a heavy duty solution for forklifts in the 5 tonne and above range. The HSFP fork positioner is fully welded to the truck carriage or sideshift and provides a robust no nonsense fork positioner for tough applications and rough environments. Truck capacity and operator visibility have been maintained through smart design and the use of high strength well positioned material.

H5.5FT Hyster with HSFP & 150f.jpg

HSISSFP Heavy Duty Integral Sideshifting FP

  • Design and Manufactured here in WA.

  • Robust heavy duty design 

  • Designed to suit OEM integral carriages

  • 8T - 32T Capacity Range

  • Pin Type fork mount

  • Locally sourced parts and material

  • Handling Systems Australia specially designed unit

  • Fast turn around time 

  • Servicing and parts avaiable locally

  • Commonly adapted to quick hitches

MHT680 8T Manitou.png

F Series Side Shifters

  • High visibility- design

  • High pressure cylinder that allows compatibility with trucks using up to 3500 psi hydraulic systems without the need for additional hydraulic pressure reliefs.

  • Bearings fully protected under upper hook.

  • Click here for brochure on the F Series Side Shifters

Important:  The sideshift must be centralised before travelling with a load to ensure truck stability.

55K CL2A Fork Positioner - K Series

  • 55K Fork Positioners suit class 2 forklift carriages

  • The high visibility allows the operator to accurately position the forks from the drivers seat for a variety of pallet configurations.

  • Customisable width and fork carrier widths

  • Easy installation of mechanism to exisiting Cascade sideshifts

  • OEM load backrest compatibility

  • Click here for brochure on the 55K

  • K Series General Information


65K & 100K CL3A Fork Positioner - K Series 

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