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HS Sales range of purpose built coil handling attachments are designed with maximum support, product protection and operator safety in mind. Ensuring the right attachment is used for the right application increases productivity, reduces workplace injury and prevents product damage.


Understanding machine limitations, design requirements and safe site operations can be a daunting
task but we have a team of experienced staff who are here to help.

H.S.RD 504 coil probe.JPG

HSRD 504 Pipe Handling Slippers.

Slip on coil handling slippers provide a simple protective solution to handling coiled or pipe products.

The curved load bearing structure provides secure load support and eliminates sharp edge damage to the insides of the handled load.

HSRD 1340 IMG_0207.JPG

HSRD 1340 Custom Design and Manufacture.

Our dedicated coil handlers have the option of quick release mounting for easy change over between probe and forks.

These attachments are manufactured in our Welshpool factory to the highest of precision and quality.

Coil Conveyor Handler - HSRD 1678.JPG

HSRD 1678 Heavy Duty Conveyor Handler.

Our large capacity coil handlers are designed and fabricated to safely and securely lift and transport steel coils.

The heavy duty construction is manufactured from high grade steel for maximum capacity & safety.

HSRD 1678 is a purpose-built rollerised attachment to suit a 32T truck. Customized to handle conveyors, the fully welded construction is a no nonsense, strong solution.

If you are after a probe attachment Click here.

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