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HS Sales offer an extensive range of under-hook lifting devices, crane equipment and accessories. Manufactured locally, our comprehensive, ever-evolving range is designed, manufactured, tested and certified in strict accordance with Australian Standards. 

- Application-specific contact pad surfaces.

- Various lifting capacities

- Custom designs for specialised applications

- Highly competitive rating and specifications

- Rugged lightweight construction

1.5T Rail Lifter HSRD 1002.png
HSRD 1832.png

HSRD 1002

HSRD 1832

C Clamps

Specialist one-off design to ensure superior grip and product protection. Used for raising and lowering collard beams and rail equipment.

HSRD 1002 is a versatile, easy to use rail grab device to grab to lift and transport single rail sections

H.S.RD 1069 Rail Lifter.JPG

Rail Lifting Tool

Fully welded steel construction is purpose built to safely raise and lower multiple rail sections in one secure lift.

HSRD 1069


HSRD 002

Soakwell Lifters

used for lifting vertical wells of round, square or rectangular concrete. Sold in pairs with a combined SWL of 2T.


HSRD 2104

Scissor Grabs

Mechanical scissor action grab with automatic locking jaws to handle various materials with parallel sides.

Available with straight or curved contact pads for superior grip and product protection.


HSRD 2104 design to lift cylindrical items with collard lip.

C HOOK 50T HSRD 224.png
HSRD 856 C-Hook.png

HSRD 224

HSRD 856

C Hook Lifter

Various designs available in a range of capacities for handling pipes, tubing, coils and similarly shaped products.

HSRD 856 used in pairs to lift longer cylindrical pipe and/or tubing.

HSRD 224 various capacities for safe and secure handling of coils, rings and round product.

Optional Support Stands and soft edges available

C-Hook HSRD 1945.png

HSRD 1945

Coil Handlers

A fully welded fixed lifting device used to lift, transport, lower and re position coils and similar shaped product.

Available is a range of sizes and capacities.

HSRD 1485.png

Block Grabs

A versatile, light-weight lifting device used to handle limestone blocks, bricks and products with parallel sides. Adjustable clamp range with non rubberised contact pads for added product protection

HSRD 1485


HSRD 248

Lifting Equaliser

Also knows as a Lifting Triangle or Monkey Face, this multi sling lifting device is a versatile product available in a large range of capacities. The fully welded construction provides a strong, safe and reliable lifting device.

HSDGX-CRANE Drum Grab Crane 1.JPG

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