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HS Sales manufacture a range of overhead lifting attachments for cranes. These include spreader beams, lifting beams, pallet hooks and crane jibs. Our overhead lifting attachments come in a range of capacities and sizes, and can be custom made to suit your requirements. Some of our overhead lifting attachments can also be hired.

Crane Lifting Beams

Crane lifting beams allow you to hook up extra wide loads with your crane. The weight is distributed evenly over the beam. HS Sales manufacture lifting beam designs to suit any application. We can custom make a design to suit your requirements. Our lifting beams feature overhead hooks and underside hooks.

See some examples below:

H.S.RD 957.JPG

Combination Spreader Beams

Our spreader beams function in the same way as lifting beams. However, they are width adjustable to cater for extra wide loads.

Crane Spreader Beam

15 Tonne Combination Spreader Beam Model HSCSB-15/HSRD1229- Extendable.

The HSCSB combination spreader beam attachment extends from 2000mm to a maximum width of 5000mm. There will be three upper lifting points and extension locking pin supplied standard. The attachment is finished in Golden Yellow paint finish.

Working load limit: 15000kgs all positions as spreader only.

WLL as lifting beam: 3000kg @ 2.0m, 2600kg @ 3.4m, 2400kg @ 3.8m, 2100kg @ 4.2m, 2000kgs @ 4.6m, 1800kg @ 5.0m

We also have other models available with varying capacities

Model:  HSCSB–8.6T  WLL: 8600kgs (spreader)  Range: 2.1-3.6   HS Ref: HSRD0164

Model:  HSCSB–12T   WLL: 12,000kgs (spreader) Range: 2.4-3.6   HS Ref: HSRD0163


Fixed Spreader

H.S.RD 727-250.JPG

Cranable scissor grab

If you are looking for lifting equipment that can attach to your forklift, please Click Here to view our jibs.

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