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HS Sales manufacture our own safety work platforms and we are also a reseller for Cascade Australia. Our safety work platforms come either fully assembled and welded or in a flat pack. We can also custom make to suit your requirements.

Also known as man cages, safety cages, safety platforms and work platforms.

Note: The use of a work platform on a lift truck is strictly regulated. Consult your lift truck supplier for correct rating information. 


25A-WPC-A02 Work Platform
25A-WPC-A03 Work Platform - Fully Meshed

​Cascade Australia CMA Range Safety Work Platforms.​

  • Floor- mounted harness anchor points

  • Easy access hand rails

  • 250kg SWL or maximum of 2 people

  • Fork tyne Locking pins

  • Slip on fork mount

  • Complies with AS2359

  • Fully Meshed option to prevent interference with mast.

  • Optional tool tray

  • Zinc plated finish

  • Standard supply is flat packed. 

  • Optional to assemble if required.


HSWP Fully Welded Work Platform

  • Fully welded mesh construction

  • 250kg SWL - maximum of 2 people

  • Hand rails and fully welded harness points.

  • Designed in accordance with AS2359

  • Anti-slip check plate floor

  • Australian Made

  • Self latching gate.

  • Slip on fork mount

  • Carry out stocktake or routine maintenance.

  • Also known as man cages or safety cages.

  • Locking pin plate retention

  • Painted yellow finish

HSWB Work Basket HSRD 1705-6.jpg

HSWB- Craneable Safety Work Basket 

  • 250KG Working Load Limit

  • Safety hand rails

  • Fully welded harness points.

  • Robust overhead guard

  • Self latching gate.

  • Work Safe Verification/design registered

  • Designed to be lifted overhead by crane 

  • Solid and secure work basket for rugged applications

  • Fork Pockets

  • Anti-slip checker plate floor

  • HSWB – Work Basket Crane 

H.S.RD 731.JPG

HSOPP- Order Picking Platform

HSOPP Order Picker Platform can be supplied with telescopic arms, chain arms or meshed sides and can be designed to suit required applications.
Contact us today for more information.

HSOPP 2018.jpg

Safety Harnesses and Lanyards


Handling Systems Australia provide full body harnesses with the option of either fixed length or retractable lanyards.


Are you after a goods cage? Click Here.

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