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HS Sales manufacture our own safety work platforms and we are also a reseller for Cascade Australia. Our safety work platforms come either fully assembled and welded or in a flat pack. We can also custom make to suit your requirements.

Also known as man cages, safety cages, safety platforms and work platforms.

Note: The use of a work platform on a lift truck is strictly regulated. Consult your lift truck supplier for correct rating information. 


25A-WPC-A02 Work Platform
25A-WPC-A03 Work Platform - Fully Meshed

​Cascade Australia CMA Range Safety Work Platforms.​

  • Floor- mounted harness anchor points

  • Easy access hand rails

  • 250kg SWL or maximum of 2 people

  • Fork tyne Locking pins

  • Slip on fork mount

  • Complies with AS2359

  • Fully Meshed option to prevent interference with mast.

  • Optional tool tray

  • Zinc plated finish

  • Standard supply is flat packed. 

  • Optional to assemble if required.

HSWP - Extended.JPG

HSWP Fully Welded Work Platform

  • Fully welded mesh construction

  • 250kg SWL - maximum of 2 people

  • Hand rails and fully welded harness points.

  • Designed in accordance with AS2359

  • Anti-slip check plate floor

  • Australian Made

  • Self latching gate.

  • Slip on fork mount

  • Carry out stocktake or routine maintenance.

  • Also known as man cages or safety cages.

  • Locking pin plate retention

  • Painted yellow finish

Pallet Jack Transfer Platform with personel section.jpg

HSRD 2292 - Personnel and Pallet Truck Lifter

This custom unit was designed and fabricated to safely lift pallet trucks and the operator, up to a truck or an area not easily accessed.

Designed to AS2359.1 with a 850kg capacity. Safety features are anti-slip checker floor, hand rails, meshed back and 1x personnel area for the operator to stand safely at the side of the pallet truck.

  • Capacity: 850kgs

  • 1600mm widest spot x 2400mm long

  • 2000mm high fixed end frame - fully meshed

HSRD 1799 Pallet Truck Lifter.jpg

HSRD 1799 - Pallet Jack Platform

This custom unit was designed and fabricated to safely lift and transport a small pallet truck.

Designed to AS2359.1 it features an easy access ramp at the front and sliding arms which can easily be moved when required.

  • Capacity: 600kg at 600mm

  • To suit pallet truck size: 830x1720mm max.

  • Slip on Fork Mount.

  • Locking Pin Secure to Forklift.

  • Safety Yellow Painted Finish.

HSWB Work Basket HSRD 1705-6.jpg

HSWB- Craneable Safety Work Basket 

  • HSRD 1705

  • 250KG Working Load Limit

  • Safety hand rails

  • Fully welded harness points.

  • Robust overhead guard

  • Self latching gate.

  • Work Safe Verification/design registered

  • Designed to be lifted overhead by crane 

  • Solid and secure work basket for rugged applications

  • Fork Pockets

  • Anti-slip checker plate floor


Safety Harnesses and Lanyards

Handling Systems Australia provide full body harnesses with the option of either fixed length or retractable lanyards.

HSOPP 2018.jpg

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