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Fork Extension Slippers are designed to offer stable and safe handling of loads which are longer than the truck forks. The extension slippers are provided with locking pins and a profiled toe for safe and easy load handling. Our forklift slippers come in a range of lengths, and can be custom made to suit your requirements.

Unsure how to work out the safest maximum slipper length allowed for your fork tynes? Our dedicated sales team can assist.


HSS Series of  Customised Fork Extension Slippers

HS Sales provide a wide range of fork extensions and specialist designs for most applications. Reinforced Fork Extensions for harsh applications that require an extra tough slipper. Slim Profile Extension Slippers for tight access requirements. Rhono lining for non-slip surface. Rubber facing for fragile loads. Copper covering for flame-proof areas.  The capacity is calculated using the combined maximum fork dimensions and extension slipper's load centre.

Telescopic Forks

With Telescopic Forks, trailers can be loaded and
unloaded from one side without moving to and from either side of the vehicle, and warehouses can take advantage of double-deep racking.

telescopic forks.jpg
slippers special purpose.png

Special Application Forklift Slippers

HSSCH Coil Handling Slippers are specially designed with a rounded upper face for coil handling and can be rubber coated to protect fragile loads and prevent product damage.


Fork Extensions / Fork Slippers By HS Sales & Cascade

*Capacity is calculated using max fork dimensions and may be less than the truck/ fork tyne/ fork extension combination. Australian Standards stipulate alternate truck nameplate ratings where fork extensions are used. Consult the lift truck manufacturer

Telescopic Forks

Telescopic Forks

Specialised Telescopic Forks

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