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HS Sales provide Western Australia's most complete range of imported and locally manufactured fork arms. This ensures customers have access to immediate supply of standards forks and fast turn around times on special/custom fork sizes.


Before ordering tynes, you will need to know which forks you require. The diagram above will assist you with your tyne choice. Please note, this will only cover ITA Mount forks for a forklift. If you are after telehandler or loader forks, please give us a call.


Step 1: Carriage Size.

Firstly you will need to determine the size of your carriage to work out which class of tynes you require. Tynes are classified as ITA Mount (Class II, Class III or Class IV), Pin Type or Square Type depending on the size of the forklift carriage to which they attach. This is measurement “A” on the diagram above.

Step 2: Tyne dimensions.

Measure blade length:  Record from the front face of the fork shank, all the way to the end of the tip.

Next is the fork section size (Width x Thickness) 

Measurements are to be taken from the from the centre of the blade or the fork shank.

Please do not take these measurements from the heel or the tip as they may be worn.

Unsure if your forks are worn?

Step 3: Capacity of the Forklift

Look on or near the dashboard of the forklift and find the data tag. This will tell you the forklift capacity.
Each set of forks has a rated capacity. This is the maximum lifting capacity for a set of 2 forks. Scroll down to view a list of the most common tyne sizes. We keep most sizes in stock. Please contact us first to check availability.

If the size you require is not there, please contact us as we also have other sizes available.


ITA Fork Tynes / Fork Arms / Load Arms for Forklift

These are the most common type of fork tyne. (also referred to as ITA fork tynes)
Capacity ranges from 1,200kg to 8,000kgs 
Lengths from 1070mm to 2440mm.

Please see our sizing table below. Other sizes and types also available.


Pin Type Forks - Round eyelets

  • Eye type tynes and accessories to suit forklifts and loaders that are fitted with pin type carriages.

  • Capacity ranges from 1,000kgs to 32,000kg

  • Lengths from 1070mm to 3600mm.

Blank Forks

  • 60x60 fork sections up to 310x100mm
  • Tyne blanks – no mounts fitted.

  • Tyne flats – flat blade with no vertical back section.

Square Hook Tynes / Loader Forks

Handling Systems Australia can supply specialist mount tynes to suit any application.
Specialist mounts include –

  • Square hook carriage mount.

  • Direct bolt mount.

  • Rollerised mount.

  • Quick release mount.

  • Inverted mounted tynes.

  • Tyne blanks – no mounts fitted.

  • Tyne flats – flat blade with no vertical back section.

Brick Fork Image.png

Brick Forks

Brick forks also known as block forks, are available in a range of forks mounts and can be used direct onto a forklift carriage or supplied specially with brick pack handlers.

Click the click below for our brick pack attachment.

Rollerised Forks

Rollerised forks are commly used on large capacity lift trucks  16T and up. The rollerised bearings allow the forks to move smoothly and effortlessly initiating less wear and stree on the hydraulic system.

Roller Forks

Increase the versatility and efficiency of your
lift truck with Roller Platens. These speciality forks use a retractable internal rolling mechanism to quickly load and unload pallets, slip sheets and more.

iForks - Weigh Forks 

Weigh Forks allow you to view and track the weight of individual or multiple loads using integrated Bluetooth technology.

Being wireless, the system can be installed onto
any lift truck in a matter of minutes.


Telescopic Forks

With Telescopic Forks, trailers can be loaded and unloaded from one side without moving to and from either side of the vehicle, and warehouses can take advantage of double-deep racking. For more information on the telescopic fork sizes available, click here


DAGS- Magnetic Rubber Covers

To view our range of dag sizes, click here


Custom Coil Handler
Click here to see all coil handlers

Looking for Fork Extension Slippers? Click here

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