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HS Sales sell a variety of tyre handlers/ tyre grabbers to attach to your forklift or crane.

We can also custom make to suit your requirements.


  • Rotating or non-rotating tyre handler options available

  • A variety of tyre handler models are available which can be mounted onto Loaders, Forklifts, Telehandlers and Cranes

  • To suit all capacities

HSTY Tyre Handler
Turnaload - Cascade.jpg
Turnaload - Cascade 2.jpg

Cascade Tyre Handlers

  • Superior visibility through and over the frame for aligning the tyre and rim to the vehicle

  • Rugged steel frame and rigid arm design for increased overall durability and capacity

  • Heavy duty Cascade cylinder drive rotation system

  • Forward tipping pad design to safely set the tyre down flat

  • Lifting capacities of up to 16 metric tons

  • Ability to handle tyres ranging from 1.6m - 4.1m in diameter and up to 1.885m wide

  • All hoses are internally located to prevent damage

  • The thinnest profile arms in the industry for those hard to access tyres

  • Unitized control valve with individual test points for fast fault diagnosis


Are you after a clamp? Click Here.

For tyre transport frames Click Here.

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