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Together with our dedicated design and engineering division, HS Research and Development, HS Sales have developed a comprehensive range of overhead lifting equipment. Where applications require specialist one off design and or manufacture, HS Sales have the capabilities to handle the requirements in a timely and economical manner.

bRICK cAGE.png

HSRD 1438 Brick Cage

Fully welded construction with optional cross spreader.

Australian Made

brick cage 20A-.png

20A-GCC Brick Cage

SWL: 2000kgs

CMA Cascade Brick Lifting Cage

10A-GCC-A01 Crane Goods Cage-3.jpg

10A-GCC-A01 Good Cage.

SWL: 1000kg 

All units load tested prior to supply.

Cascade CMA Mechanical Range

HSWB Work Basket HSRD 1705-6.jpg

HSWB 2 Person Work Basket

SWL: 250kg 

Fully welded construction, in strict accordance with AS Standards and Worksafe requirements. 

H.S.RD 841.JPG

HSCGC 750KG Crane Cages.

SWL: 750KG

Design Ref: HSRD 1112

All units load tested prior to supply.


08A-GCC Gas Bottle Cages

SWL: 750kgs 

Designed to suit requirements.

H.S.RD 836.JPG

Custom Crane Cages.

SWL: 1000kg to 10,000kgs

Designed to suit requirements.

HSOAT-200 HS Oxy Trolley-4.jpg

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