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HS Sales manufacture our own range of spreader frames and spreader beams for forklifts and we are also a re-seller for Cascade (Australia). Spreader frames allow you to carry a wide load on your forklift and are especially good for pipes and long products to prevent flexing. Our spreader frames come in a range of capacities and sizes and can be custom made to suit your requirements. Slip on to forklift tynes or carriage-mounted options available to hire or buy.

carriage mount spreader.JPG

HSCMSF CARRIAGE Mounted Spreader Frames

  • Handling Systems Australia’s carriage mounted spreader frames provide a high level of support for wide or flexible loads.

  • The direct carriage mounting feature allows for the use of minimal tyne thickness for applications where there is tight spacing between stacked loads being handled.

Fork Spreader.png

HSSF Fork Spreader Frames

  • Handling Systems Australia's heavy duty spreader frames allow extra wide or flexible loads to be safely handled without the risk of damage. The spreader frame evenly distributes the load over the length of the attachment.

  • Special widths, tyne lengths and mounting arrangements are available for specialist applications.

HSQHFS Quick Hitch Forks Wide Manitou 2.
  • The HSQHFSF quick hitch spreader frame is designed with quick hitch mounts to suit most loaders and telescopic telehandlers.

  • The spreader includes four high strength manually adjustable fork tynes that meet interbational ITA specifications.

HSQHFSF Quick Hitch Fork Spreader Frame

HSFMS Fork Mounted Spreader 20121005_092

HSFMS Fork Mounted Spreader Bar

  • Fork mounted spreader bars are a simple yet versatile solution for handling wide or cumbersome loads via chain or slings. The underhook pick up increases visibility and is ideal for use in areas with high limitations.


HSTS Tarp Spreader - HSRD 167

  • Tarp spreaders, alos known as tarpaulin spreaders, are designed to enable forklift operators to safely and efficiently spread a tarp cover over a load positoned high up on a truck tray. 

  • The adjustable prong allows for left- and right-hand operation and can be removed for easy storage.


30H-WFL-B01 Fork Mounted Spreader Frame

  • Slip on to the forklift tynes

  • Lock-in pins

  • Supplied with rating plate and user manual

  • Capacity 3000kg

  • Width: 3000mm

  • Fork pocket centres are 775mm

  • Weight: 260kg

25A-WFC-B01 Fork Spreader-3.jpg
  • Slip on to the forklift tynes

  • Lock-in pins

  • Supplied with rating plate and user manual

  • Capacity 2500kg

  • Length 1100 x 3000(W)

  • Fork pocket centres are 775mm

  • Weight: 225kg

25H-WFC-B01 Fork Spreader Frame Low Profile

Ask us about our HSA Custom forklift spreader solutions.

HSRD 071 Dam Linder 2T.jpg

HSRD 071

  • Fork Mounted Dam Liners

  • Adjustable spreader bar

  • 2x heavy duty J Bars.

  • Design Ref: HSRD 071 

H.S.RD 798.JPG

​HSRD 798

  • Fork Mounted Spreader Bar

  • Fixed Length

  • 4x underside lift points

  • Heavy duty consruction

  • Design Ref: HSRD 798

Are you after a spreader beam? Click Here.

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