Forklift Slippers

Fork extension slippers, special purpose slippers and more

HS Sales manufacture our own range of forklift slippers for fork tynes. Our forklift slippers come in a range of lengths, and can be custom made to suit your requirements. Our engineer can advise you on the safest maximum length for your slippers.

HS Sales are also the West Australian distributor for East West Engineering Products. Click here to visit the East West Engineering website.

HSSL Fork Extension Slippers

HSSL extension slippers are designed to offer stable and safe handling of loads which are longer than the truck forks. These extension slippers are provided with locking pins and a profiled toe for safe and easy load handling.
Note: Allowable slipper lengths are restricted by  the overall length of the supporting tyne. 

See Slipper sizes below:

HSS2-16- Slippers      HSS3-18- Slippers       HSS3-20 Slippers       HSS3-22- Slippers

HSS4-18- Slippers      HSS4-24 Slippers       HSS12-24- Slippers

Special Application Forklift Slippers

HSSL forklift extension slippers can be specifically designed to suit most specialist applications.

  • Coil Handling Fork Extension Slippers-  Rounded upper face for coil handling.
  • Rubber Covered Fork Extension Slippers- A rubber cover for  fragile loads.
  • Non-Slip Fork Extension Slippers- a Rhino lining for a non-slip surface
  • Copper covered Fork Tyne Extensions- for flame proofed areas
  • Reinforced Fork Extensions- for harsh applications that require an extra tough slipper.
  • Slim Profile Tynes and Fork Extension Slippers for tight access requirements


Bolzoni Auramo Easy Reach Forks

  • Bolzoni Auramo hydraulic easy reach forks offer the perfect solution where loads need to be unloaded from one side of a truck or where pallets are stored in double deep racking. 
  • The forks can be adjusted in length from the drivers seat.
  • Models available without the vertical pallet stops for odd sized loads or two pallets at a time.

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