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HS Sales has a full range of 20ft and 40ft fixed length top and side lift container lifting and handling frames. We are also agents for Elme in West Australia.  We can also custom make to suit your requirements.


Combined Container / Trailer Handling Frames

  • These combined range attachments are designed for fitment to standard forklift trucks and reach stackers and offer capacities of up to 45 tonnes under the frame.


Crane and Gantry Mounted Container Lifting / Spreader Frames

  • Elme offer a full range of crane and gantry mounted container top lift spreaders.

  • These units are used in ports and transport yards world wide.

  • These spreaders are renowned in the industry for their rugged design, fast telescopic extension speed and excellent visibility.


Straddle Carrier Container Lifting /Handling Frames

  • Elme’s 816 model telescopic container spreader has been designed specifically for use with high volume straddle carriers.

  • The design of this spreader includes the required pick up points for fitting to the headblock of the carrier.


Telescopic Side Lift Container Handling Frames for Forklifts

  • Elme telescopic side lift container spreaders are used commonly for the handling of empty ISO shipping containers.

  • These versatile container handling frames can be mounted to the forklift trucks sideshift carriage or it can be directly fitted to the mast of the forklift as integral unit.

  • With capacities ranging from 8 to 12 tonne these units offer an efficient solution to all empty and lightly laden container handling applications.


Telescopic Top Lift Container Handling Frames for Forklifts

  • Elme telescopic top lift container spreaders are the most commonly fitted container handling attachment fitted by OEM’s worldwide.

  • The wide range of capacity and mounting options allow the forklift and container spreader to be tailored to any application & truck configuration where the movement of shipping containers is required.


Fixed Length Container Handling Frames

  • Where single container size handling is required Elme & Handling Systems Australia have a full range of 20ft & 40ft fixed length top  and side lift container frames.

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