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Rotators for Forklifts

For rotating your load

HS Sales sell a range of hydraulic rotators for forklift. Our hydraulic rotators are manufactured by Cascade. They come in a range of capacities to suit your requirements. Fork mounted or carriage mounted fork positioning.

RC 360 Degree Rotators

  • Bolzoni Auramo rotators for forklift are suitable for all applications where working cycles require load rotation or emptying of containers.
  • These units commonly work in chemical metallurgical, automotive, recycling, waste disposal and in food processing operations.
  • A wide range of capacities ensures that the correct unit is specifies and is cost effective for the application.

FeaturesRotator RC 360 degree - HS Sales Perth WA

  • Castellated fork carriage for easy and fast fork positioning.
  • Safe, easy and fast fork mounting and locking system.
  • Open centre design and minimised overall dimensions ensure excellent visibility.
  • High efficiency hydraulic motor with reduced displacement gives increased speed and high rotation for high performance and low maintenance.

360 Degree Rotating Fork Positioners

  • The rotating fork positioning option enables the hydraulic adjustment of the forks within the width of the truck and the rotation enables flexibility and discharge of various sized loads with ease.
  • A separate sideshift is also available. (This unit is not designed to clamp loads).

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