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Push-Pulls & Slipsheet Handlers

HS Sales sell a range of push pulls for forklifts. Also known as slipsheet handlers. These come in a range of capacities and sizes. We can also custom make to suit your requirements.

HS Sales are the West Australian distributor for Cascade Products. Click here to visit the Cascade Australia website.

Push Pulls for Forklift / Slip-Sheet Handlers for Forklift

  • Goods of every kind are now being handled with slipsheets instead of wooden pallets.
  • Slipsheets are being used in various industries such as food, paper, beverage, building materials, hardware, chemical and agricultural. Bolzoni Auramo has the solution to all your slip sheeting needs.
  • The Bolzoni range covers dedicated units for customers exclusively slip sheeting loads and the “Easy Rider” fork mounted units for operations requiring slipsheets on an intermittent basis.


  • Wide windows in the pusher bar and back frame provide excellent visibility.
  • Gripper jaw is hydraulically activated by twin cylinders for perfect clamp pressure.
  • Rubber-surfaced gripper bar for secure slipsheet clamping.
  • Pressure relief valve guarantees structure and load protection.
  • Platens manufactured in high tensile steel for stronger and thinner structure.
  • Fork mounted

Fork Mounted Load Push

  • The platens of the fork mounted load push unit are positioned under the load (Boxes, cartons etc) which can then be pushed off.
  • This load push is equipped with entry pockets on both sides and can simply and quickly mounted on to the existing tynes on the forklift truck.
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