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This forklift attachment is a pallet size goods cage. It can be easily and quickly dismantled which is perfect for situations when you need to save space. The cage is durable and can be transported by Forklift or Pallet Jack. It can be stacked up to 4 high when empty and 2 high when loaded.

It has a front drop down gate and rear hinge gate which are both removable and are able to be opened for easy access, even when stacked.

The standard base is a mesh base frame.

An optional extra is a galvanised sheet metal floor.

The unit is supplied as a flat pack, but can be assembled by HS Sales for an additional fee.

  • The load capacity is 1000kg (must be evenly distributed)
  • The weight of the goods cage is 65kg
  • Finish: Zinc plated finish

HS Sales are WA distributors for East West Engineering. Phone us on (08) 9458 7933 for availability and pricing.

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