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Load Guards

Load Guards are a metal guard that is mounted to the forklift carriage. Also known as a load backrest, it protects the forklift from the load that is being transported. It prevents the load from pushing against the mast and falling onto the forklift operator. These are an important safety feature for forklifts, as well as loaders and telehandlers.Load Guards Perth. The load guard protects the forklift from the load being carried. HS Sales Perth WA

HS Sales manufacture our own range of load guards and load backrests.  They come in a range of sizes, and can be custom made to suit your requirements. We custom make for all brands of forklifts, including Hyster, Toyota, Crown, Mitsubishi and Nissan. HS Sales also manufacture them for loaders and telehandlers. The custom made load backrest below has been integrated with a hydraulic fork positioner.

Load Back Rest Fork Positioner- by HS Sales Perth WA

Our load guards are made strong. They can be pre-drilled or not drilled depending on your requirements. Our guards range from 900mm to 2400mm depending on the model of forklift, loader or telehandler. They weigh about 25-50 kgs depending on the size and model.

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