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Bulk Bag Handling

HS Sales manufacture and sell a range of bulk bag lifters for forklifts and cranes. We are also a reseller for Cascade Australia. Our bulk bag lifters come in a range of sizes and capacities depending on the bulk-bag size and the forklift capacity. They can also be custom made to suit your requirements.

Cascade Slip-On Bulk Bag Jib 20A-JSB-B01

  • 4 lifting points to suit standard bulk bags
  • 4 safety swivel hooks yo enable the safe lifting of bulk bags
  • The jib secures to the carriage via a chain.

Alternative part numbers: HS-BJFL1 or HS-FBB200

Cascade Bulk Bag Filling Frame 20A-BBF-B01

  • Designed to assist in filling a 4 point standard bulk bag by securing the bag to the frame.
  • Well suited to free flowing bulk product such as sand or gravel.
  • 4 safety swivel hooks supplied
  • The bag can be positioned at the correct height using 3 adjustable settings and adjustable restraining chains.
  • The upper hopper is finished in enamel and the support frame is zinc plated.

Alternative part number: HS-BFU200 

HS Sales Bulk Bag Slip-on Lifting Frame for Forklifts

  • Our bulk bag lifting frame simply slips onto the tynes of the forklift and provides a secure and safe method of handling bulk bag loads.
  • Perfect for intermittent bulk-a-bag handling requirements
  • Can be custom designed to suit your requirements

Bulk Bag Carriage Mounted Probe Frame for Forklift

Bulk Bag Crane Mounted Lifting Frame

Other Bulk Bag Handler Designs by HS Sales

HS Sales can custom make a bulk bag lifter to your requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and our staff will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Here are some other examples of our designs below:

Bulk Bag Handler | Buy from HS Sales Perth WA Bulk Bag Handler | Buy from HS Sales Perth WA Bulk Bag Handler | Buy from HS Sales Perth WA

Bulk Bag Lifter- Buy from HS Sales Bulk Bag Handler | Buy from HS Sales Perth WA

We can also supply the BBFC4 and BBFC4-700. Call us for a quote.


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