Forklift Tynes

Tynes to suit all models of forklift

HS Sales sell forklift tynes for all makes and models of forklift. Our tynes come in a range of capacities and sizes, and can be custom made to suit your requirements. Tynes are also known as fork arms. Class II Tynes, Class III Tynes, Class IV Tynes available

ITA Fork Tynes / Fork Arms / Load Arms for Forklift

ITA fork tynes and accessories to suit all brands of forklift trucks fitted with ITA or FEM fork tynes.
Capacity ranges from 1,200kg to 8,000kgs 
Lengths from 1070mm to 2440mm.

Eye-Type Fork Tynes/ Fork Arms / Load Arms for Forklift

  • Eye type tynes and accessories to suit forklifts and loaders that are fitted with pin type carriages.
  • Capacity ranges from 1,000kgs to 50,000kg
  • Lengths from 1070mm to 3600mm.

Special Mount Fork Tynes/ Fork Arms / Load Arms for Forklift

Handling Systems Australia can supply specialist mount tynes to suit any application.
Specialist mounts include –

  • Square hook carriage mount.

  • Direct bolt mount.

  • Rollerised mount.

  • Quick release mount.

  • Inverted mounted tynes.

  • Tyne blanks – no mounts fitted.

  • Tyne flats – flat blade with no vertical back section.

Hay Tynes / Hay Spike

Spring steel hay tynes and conus assemblies available.

Replaces standard tynes.

We also sell a range of off-the-shelf and custom made hay bale frames. Click here to learn more.

Roller Tynes are also available.

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