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Spreader Frames

Slip on spreader frames, carriage-mounted spreader frames and quick-hitch spreader frames available.

HS Sales manufacture our own range of spreader frames and spreader beams for forklifts. These allow you to carry a wide load on your forklift. Our spreader frames come in a range of capacities and sizes, and can be custom made to suit your requirements. Slip on to forklift tynes or carriage-mounted options available. Buy or hire.

HS Sales are also the West Australian distributor for Cascade Products. Click here to visit the Cascade Australia website.

HSSF Spreader Frames

  • Handling Systems Australia’s slip on spreader frames allow extra wide or flexible loads to be safely handled without the risk of damage.
  • The spreader frame evenly distributes the load over the length of the attachment.
  • Special widths, tyne lengths and mounting arrangements are available for specialist applications.

HSSF2-3 Spreader frame 2500kg 3000mm

HSSF2-4 Spreader frame 2500kg 4000mm

HSSF3-3 Spreader frame 3000kg 3000mm

HSSF4-4 Spreader frame 4000kg 4000mm

Carriage Mounted Spreader Frames – CMSF

  • Handling Systems Australia’s carriage mounted spreader frames provide the same support for wide or flexible loads as the HSSF slip on frames.
  • The direct carriage mounting feature allows for the use of minimal tyne thickness for applications where there is tight spacing
    between stacked loads being handled.

Quick Hitch Spreader Frames – HSQHSF

  • The HSQHSF quick hitch spreader frame is designed for mounting to the quick hitch carriage on loaders and telescopic telehandlers.
  • The quick hitch spreader provides four high strength solid fork tynes.
  • The spacing on each tyne is fully adjustable, and the standard ITA carriage design allows for easy tyne change-over if tyne size requirements change over time.