Scoop Buckets for Forklift

HS Sales sell East West Engineering scoop buckets / dirt buckets. We manufacture scoop buckets for Manitous. We also design and custom make sifting buckets for forklifts.

Dirt Bucket / Scoop Bucket – Manual Release

DB-M by East West Engineering

  • slip-on attachment allowing quick connection to a forklift.
  • useful for removing loose material from floors such as gravel, grain or coal.
  • hardened steel wear edge.
  • dumping action is via a simple mechanical lever
  • galvanised.

• Pocket size 165 x 65mm
• Pocket Centres 635mm
• Bucket Width 1200mm
• Safe Working Load 500kg
• Unit Weight 198kg
• Volume Capacity 0.22 cu m

Spec Sheet: DBM_Dirt Bucket Manual

Dirt Bucket / Scoop Bucket – Hydraulic

DBHS2 by East West Engineering

  • slip-on attachment allowing quick connection to a Forklift.
  • the hydraulic operation allows for full backwards tilt making the bucket suitable for liquid products.
  • manufactured with a hardened steel wear edge.
  • The standard finish: Zinc Plated.
  • Pocket size 185 x 65mm 
  • Pocket Centres 750mm
  • Bucket Widths 1200mm & 1800mm
  • Safe Working Load 1000kg

Spec sheet: DBHS2 Dirt Bucket Hydraulic

Sifting Bucket – Designed & Manufactured by HS Sales

  • This model fits onto a Manitou. We can custom make to suit your requirements

View this video of the hydraulic dirt bucket in action