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Probe Attachments

Carpet probes, carriage mounted probes, slip-on tyne mounted probes, coil and pipe probes & more

HS Sales manufacture our own range of carpet probe attachments for forklifts. For carpet rolls and coils. Our probes come in a range of capacities and sizes, and can be custom made to suit your requirements. They attach to either the forklift tynes or the forklift carriage. Also known as forklift carpet probe attachments, forklift carpet roll prongs, or forklift carpet spikes.

HS Sales are also the West Australian distributor for Cascade Products. Click here to visit the Cascade Australia website.

Carriage Mounted Carpet Probe Attachment for forklift HSRPC

  • Heavy duty carriage mounted probe manufactured from high grade steel for maximum capacity & safety.
  • Designed for handling carpets & all other types of floor covering or similar rolled materials.
  • Available with optional quick release hooks for easy change over between probe and tyne handling.

HSCRPC – Probe Attachment Carriage

HSCRPC63 – Probe Attachment Carriage

Slip-On Tyne-Mounted Carpet Probe Attachment for Forklift HSRPF

  • The slip on probe attachment is designed for applications where a fast changeover between pallet handling to coil or rolled handling is required.
  • Mounting is direct onto the forks of the forklift which is achieved in seconds.

HSCRPF – Probe Attachment Forklift

HSCRPF 2200 – Probe Attachment Forklift


Slip-On Tyne-Mounted Drop Frame Probe Attachment HSRPFD

  • Slip on drop frame probe attachments provide the solution where a fast changeover between pallet handling and coil or rolled product handling is required, but where operating space is minimal or machine capacity requires maximum retained capacity.

Coil / Pipe Handling Slipper HSSCH

  • Slip on coil handling slippers provide a simple protective solution to handling coiled or pipe products.
  • The curved load bearing structure provides secure load support and eliminates sharp edge damage to the insides of the handled load.

Large Capacity Coil Handler

  • Both dedicated and slip on large capacity coil handlers provide safe and secure handling of heavy coils and pipes.
  • Probe design is engineered to provide maximum support to ensure the minimal loading is applied to the product being handled for maximum load protection.

Custom-Made Probes

  • Our engineers can design and manufacture a specialist attachment specifically for your requirements.
  • These attachments are manufactured in our Welshpool factory to the highest standards of precision and quality.