Clamp Attachments

Bale Clamps, Carton Clamps, Pallet fork clamps, rotating fork clamps, foam clamps, brick clamps and more

HS Sales manufacture our own range of clamp attachments for forklifts. We are also a re-seller for other clamp manufacturers. Our clamps come in a range of capacities and sizes, and can be custom made to suit your requirements.

HS Sales are also the West Australian distributor for East West Engineering Products. Click here to visit the East West Engineering website.

General Purpose Bale Clamps- Attachment for Forklift

Bolzoni Auramo KB/KS-G series clamps are commonly used for handling bales of wool, fabrics, cotton, hay and other baled material. These clamps are constructed using special double T profiles which offer an extremely rigid and strong design while giving the benefits of minimal weight and excellent visibility.

Carton and Appliance Clamp Attachments for Forklifts

Bolzoni Auramo KS-Z “Quattro” carton clamps are used widely for the handling of “white goods”, both in factories and warehouses, as well as for other types of materials packed in cartons.

These carton clamps enable load handling without pallets, maximising the use of space.

Large surface arm pads along with high friction rubber lining allow load handling with a reduced clamping pressure to reduce load damage risk.

Pallet Fork Clamps

  • Bolzoni Auramo KB-H pallet fork clamps are versatile attachments that can be used as fork positioners as well as clamping loads between fork forks or special slip on arms.
  • Wide opening range enables easy and safe handling for loads exceeding the forklift trucks width.
  • A wide selection of options and accessories, as well as 360 degree rotating versions are available.

Clamps with Turning Forks

  • Bolzoni Auramo KB/KS-D clamps are fitted with forks which can be rotated in 0, 45 and 90 degree positions.
  • This feature makes the clamp extremely versatile for many applications.
  • 0 degrees for normal pallet handling.
  • 45 degrees for handling cylindrical loads.
  • 90 degrees for clamping bales, crates, boxes and similar loads.
  • The wide opening range enables easy and safe handling for loads exceeding the forklift trucks width.

Rotating Fork Clamps

  • The Bolzoni Auramo KG-H 360 degree rotating fork clamp is commonly used to rotate containers and bins in the food, agriculture, recycling and foundry industries.
  • It can be used for clamping loads between the forks or it can be used as a wide opening fork positioner.

Foam Clamps

  • Bolzoni Auramo KB/S-N foam clamps are designed to clamp, lift and transport large but light blocks of foam or polystyrene.
  • The tubular arm design allow the blocks to be clamped safely with minimal impact on the load.

Waste Paper Clamps

  • Bolzoni Auramo waste paper bale clamps are commonly used for handling bales in the paper and recycling industries.
  • The clamp has been specifically designed for the heavy duty cycles common in these applications.
  • Slim designed bale arms allow easy knifing between tightly stacked bales and bale units.
  • All valve blocks and hydraulics are well protected yet easily serviceable.

Pulp Bale Clamps

  • Bolzoni Auramo’s P series pulp bale clamps are designed for fast and safe handling of single, multiple and unitized pulp bales. Typical application are found in pulp mills, mill and commercial warehouses, stevedore dock operations and the loading and
    unloading of other transport links.
  • The P series clamps have a capacity range from 8 to 12 tonnes.

Parallel Clamp Bodies

  • Bolzoni Auramo’s parallel clamp bodies offers a robust and flexible solution for specialist clamping applications.
  • The clamp body provides the perfect base for unique clamping applications where handling arm design needs to be engineered to suit the loads being handled

Brick and Block Clamp 

  • The Bolzoni Auramo brick and block clamp is used to transport pallet less packs of bricks (concrete, cavity blocks, kerbstones).
  • The load arms are of block section construction and are fitted with pressure plates to apply even pressure to the load.
  • The individual pressure plates also compensate for any misalignment of the load.

Invertapallet Turning Load Clamp

  • The Bolzoni Auramo 360 degree rotating pallet inverter is used to transfer loads from one pallet to another or where a load needs to be turned in a production process.
  • Typical operational uses are in the food, paper, beverage, chemical and wood industries.
  • The side support plate is optional for delicate loads.
  • The invertapallet can be installed as a static unit with its own power unit and control mechanism

Drum Clamps

  • The Bolzoni Auramo drum clamp can lift and safely transport 1 , 2 or 4 upright drums at a time. (Depending on the arm design).
  • Rubber faced arms protect the drums from damage and the integral sideshift enables correct positioning of the load.
  • 360 degree rotating models available upon request. (As shown in photograph).

Log Grabs / Log Tynes are also available.