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Bin Tipping Attachments for Forklifts

Slip on bin tippers, 360 degree rotating bin tippers, Wheelie bin tippers & more

HS Sales manufacture our own range of bin tipping attachments for forklifts. We are also a re-seller for Cascade bin tipping products. We can custom make to suit your requirements.

HS Sales are the West Australian distributor for Cascade Products. Click here to visit the Cascade Australia website.

Wheelie Bin Tipping Attachment for Forklift

  • Handling Systems Australia offer a range of both manual and hydraulically operated wheelie bin tippers.
  • Models to suit 80L, 120L and 240L bins.

HSWBM1 – Wheelie bin tipper single

HSWBM2 – Wheelie bin tipper single

HSWBTH – Wheelie Bin Tipper Hyd

Handling Systems Manual Forward Bin Tipping Attachment for Forklift – HSMBT

  • The HSMBT provides 180 degree forward tipping using the forklifts lift system to activate the tipping action.
  • By placing the tipping bin in position ready for emptying into a hopper or truck, the operator simply withdraws to tips of the fork tynes behind the pivot point of bin and lifts. As the forks raise and the forklift is moved forward the bin tips forward. 

HSTBM -Tipping Bin Manual

Slip-on Forward Bin Tipper

  • The slip on forward tipping bin tipper provides the ideal solution where intermittent bin tipping is required.
  • The forward bin tipper simply fits onto the tynes of the forklift and requires just one hydraulic function to operate.
  • 135 degrees of tip ensures complete emptying of bins.

Floor mounted static bulk bin tippers

  • Handling Systems Australia offer a wide range of floor mounted bin tippers to suit most applications.
  • With 130 degrees of rotation they offer the perfect solution for open topped bins and crates.